Stock Rock

Wall Street Warrior Cody, from Xposure’s Empower Afterschool Program, breaks down the basics of the Stock Market and makes it so simple that you can’t help but join him in his Stock Rock dance. Cody’s not just rapping and rocking about Stocks, but he puts his money where his mouth

It's a crime not to save

You’ve seen the Xposure Greenburgh version of “IACNTS” but now it’s time to check out the Brooklyn Chronicles. Our friends Ace & Josie of the Fun Finance Crew are back to take you on the roller coaster ride inside of Ace’s imaginative mind. 

Work Hard

“I WORK HARD! I GET PAID! I PUT MY MONEY IN THE BANK SO I CAN SAVE! I STACK IT UP! I WATCH IT GROW AND ONE DAY IMMA RUN THE SHOW!” is what young CLUB X rapper Travon Vergara spits while backed by the soulful vocals of Teiara Afful. THIS HOT TRACK was Produced by SiniCal.