It's A Crime Not To Save - Emmy Nominated

ITS A CRIME NOT TO SAVE – 2017 (NY EMMY NOMINATED) From THE ADVENTURES OF ACE AND THE FUN FINANCE CREW This groundbreaking financial literacy classic was produced in 2010 and features XPOSURE Greenburgh interns. This classic is now being recognized with a 2017 NY EMMY NOMINATION.  daydreams.

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The Shareholders

In this pilot episode of THE SHAREHOLDERS viewers are taken on a trip to the worlds biggest flee market…otherwise known as the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE or BIG BOARD. Here you will learn that shares (pieces of company denoting ownership) of billion dollar public companies (means you and I can buy a piece of a company) are bought and sold everyday. Companies like McDonalds, NIKE, APPLE, Amazon and thousands of other companies. Watch the first episode of this animated series and start learning the basics of the stock market.

In this 2nd episode of THE SHAREHOLDERS viewers watch as our SHAREHOLDERS nervously get ready for a dinner party. What’s making them nervous is the prospect of facing THE SNOBS. THE SNOBS are people who speak like the world of finance is a second language and those who don’t understand are boors or less than. Our SHAREHOLDERS will have none of that as they rehearse financial literacy words like, PUBLIC COMPANY, DIVIDEND, SHARE PRICE, etc. Watch the 2nd episode of this animated series and continue learning the basics of the stock market.

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Everything you need to know about Financial Literacy

The possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters. Financial literacy is mainly used in connection with personal finance matters. Financial literacy often entails the knowledge of properly making decisions pertaining to certain personal finance areas like real estate, insurance, investing, saving (especially for college), tax planning and retirement. It also involves intimate knowledge of financial concepts like compound interest, financial planning, the mechanics of a credit card, advantageous savings methods, consumer rights, time value of money, etc.

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Stock Market

A particular market where stocks and bonds are traded. The market in which shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. Also known as the equity market, the stock market is one of the most vital components of a free-market economy, as it provides companies with access to capital in exchange for giving investors a slice of ownership in the company. The stock market makes it possible to grow small initial sums of money into large ones, and to become wealthy without taking the risk of starting a business or making the sacrifices that often accompany a high-paying career.


Any person, company or other institution that owns at least one share of a company’s stock. Shareholders are a company's owners. They have the potential to profit if the company does well, but that comes with the potential to lose if the company does poorly. A shareholder may also be referred to as a "stockholder". 

Lessons Communicated through

Making Spending Decisions

Stock Rock

Wall Street Warrior Cody, from Xposure's Empower Afterschool Program, breaks down the basics of the Stock Market and makes it so simple that you can't help but join him in his Stock Rock dance. Cody's not just rapping and rocking about Stocks, but he puts his money where his mouth

Work Hard

"I WORK HARD! I GET PAID! I PUT MY MONEY IN THE BANK SO I CAN SAVE! I STACK IT UP! I WATCH IT GROW AND ONE DAY IMMA RUN THE SHOW!" is what young CLUB X rapper Travon Vergara spits while backed by the soulful vocals of Teiara Afful. THIS HOT TRACK was Produced by SiniCal.

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